Care and protection are definitely not limited to only your hair, face and overall appearance. It also involves care for your entire body including hands and legs. Especially if you are a person who is using your hands a lot more than any other you might want to pay extra attention to it. These especially apply to violinists, writers and may be even masons and carpenters. So here are some tips for you.

Wash them well

Your hands probably carry most of the germs given the fact that it is them that you use to move things from one place to place, to greet one another and such. They are also those that you use to scrub dirty dishes. Therefore, you need to make sure that whenever you come from a journey or anything else that involves dirty hands, that you scrub them and wash them well. Washing your hands keeps all those bacteria and viruses far away from affecting your immunity and overall health. However, you also need to remember that when you are washing your hands, you don’t use harsh soaps and chemicals. These will only leave your hands dry and free of necessary essential oils.

Keep them moisturized

Water is needed by the outer layers of the skin on your hand for smoother and softer skin. Therefore, while staying away from harsh chemicals is a necessity you also need to make sure that you moisturize them well. Find good moisturize that would retain the water content in your hand while also making softer. Some simply stick with lotions. But while it might seem great at the beginning, the water content in it evaporates easily. So when you are picking out your cream look for ingredients like glycerin, alpha hydroxy acids, emollients and such. If you have recently got a ganglion surgery singapore done, using a moisturizer would certainly keep your hands feeling moisturized and better as time goes by in the healing process.


Use gloves

Sometimes no matter what you are probably doing to take good care of your hands, if you are careless about them when you are using harsh chemicals then all that work is simply pointless. So when you are taking up those cleaning chemicals, make sure that you put on rubber gloves. At the beginning it might seem like an inconvenience and getting in the way of doing things, however once you get used to it you’ll come to realize the benefits it brings.

So try the above tips and own smooth and healthy hands throughout!

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