The Korean face care procedure has been developed through the local culture of Korea. The culture is very obsessed with perfect healthy skin and has been working on this for many years in order to perfect it. It has been called more of a lifestyle rather than a skin care routine.

There are ten steps that will help you with this type of treatment. You can search for Korean facial Singapore clinics and find a list of many of them that will follow more than half the steps that are listed out below.


Make up remover and cleanser

Once you use your makeup remover, use an oil cleanser that will help remove all the remaining dirt and oil. Once this is done, wash your face with lukewarm water. Then massage the emulsified cleanser and then wash it all off.

Water based cleanser

This is a double cleanser, which will remove any residue, and dirt that remains after you use the oil cleanser and wash it off your face.


This is very important but remember that you do not have to exfoliate all the time. Exfoliating needs to be done at least twice a week to keep dirt exposed skin clean. The dead skin cells are remove from the skin and those lingering around your pores. You can get smooth skin once this is done.


This damps the skin when dried and tries to balance the pH levels on your skin. You can apply it directly using your hands or you can swipe it on your face using a cotton pad. The movement should be outwards.


This is one of the main parts of a Korean facial routine. Essence is somewhat like a hybrid of toner and serum, which can repair the skin and hydrate it. Pat it in very well.


Treatments are used to treat the issues on the skin. They will focus on the dull skin, pigmentation, large pores, acne and wrinkles. This will help to reduce these problem areas.

Sheet marks

This needs to be worn on the skin and left for about twenty minutes. This will give you some piece and quiet time while the skin is nourished. This should be used at least twice a week or even daily based on your preference.

Eye cream

An eye cream will help to hydrate and protect the skin under the eye. You can tap it around the orbital bone and avoid the water line of the eyes.


Find a moisturizer that is perfect for your skin. They will come in many forms such as gel, lotion and creams. You should use this day and night on your face and neck.


Sun protection

Wearing sunscreen will help prevent premature aging.

Not everyone will follow all the steps, but a few of them can be chosen and done according to your preference.

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