Teeth implants have now become very popular in the dentist industry in events where broken or lost teeth need to be replaced. Many people do not choose to live without their lost teeth. Not replacing your teeth means that you will have difficulty looking good and therefore feeling good and furthermore, you will have difficulty chewing and eating. Some individuals opt out for partial or full dentures, which will help the patient look like them but these have their limitations.


The other option is to get a temporary where you can get implants. There are many dental implants Singapore  clinics, which will help you, sort this matter out. As much as they have their advantages, the do have their disadvantages too which will be explored in this piece of writing.


  • The implants will give your appearance a very natural look alike replacement for the tooth that you have lost. You can actually match the colours of your actual teeth so that it does not look like you got a bad procedure done. Not only do they look good, but also you will not feel uncomfortable because there is no metal hooks being used to keep them in place.
  • Unlike dentures, you will not have to worry about causing any damage to the surrounding teeth around. Dentures will damage the gums; the teeth surrounding it which means you will have to go for further treatment.
  • The implants will last longer than other treatments. The replacement cant last for a minimum of ten years and there is a rate of success of ninety five percent. Teeth bonding or dentures will only last two and five years respectively.
  • When you take a bite you will not have to worry about the teeth breaking into pieces into your mouth.


  • Implants can be very expensive however, it is a good investment. When it comes to dentures, they are comparatively cheaper than imbeds.
  • Teeth imbeds is a procedure that is categorised as surgical and generally surgeries means that there is risk. The patient is bound to undergo a bit of swelling, pain and fever which will be very uncomfortable. However, this is will only last a few days.
  • The crown of the imbed will have to be replaced every ten to fifteen years. This is the same exact time that the implant needs to be replaced.
  • The quality of imbeds depends on the dentist that you pay. Hiring the best dentist is important because it can make or break your tooth, literally!


Awareness is key! Now that you know more about imbeds, go get your tooth replaced!


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