People who are obese are constantly trying to find ways to reduce weight. Then there are people who continue to eat excessively and unhealthy and still try to lose weight. There are also people, who have worked really hard and have managed to lose weight by dieting the right way and not cutting down food completely and regularly being active within a week.

However, for those individuals that are unable to follow a simple dieting step along with working it out at the gym, there is another solution called weight loss surgery. Weight loss surgeries are known as bariatric surgeries as well and this procedure allows one to lose weight, which will lower the risks that are linked to obesity. You will come across a few bariatric surgery Singapore centres that focus purely on this type of treatment.

There are four types of weight loss surgeries:

Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding

This procedure using a band, which has an inflatable, balloon position on the upper side of the stomach and made to stay in place. It creates a pouch like even over the band with a small opening to the stomach. Afterwards a port is plan on the abdomen skin and a tube will connect the band and the port. The balloon can be deflated or inflated by removing or injective the fluid using the port. The band will reduce the amount of food that your stomach can carry and therefore, you will eat less.

Roux-en-Y gastric bypass

This surgery is known as RYGB or also as gastric bypass for short. This will deal with small pouch placed in our stomach where it will make you eat less food making you feel full. The food will travel from the pouch to the small intestines bypassing the stomach. Making small incisions by using a laparoscope can do this surgery.

Gastric sleeve

The gastric sleeve surgery will remove almost all of the stomach and will only leave like a sleeve like narrow section from the upper stomach. This will make sure that you eat less as you will feel less hungry as the hunger hormone named ghrelin will be kept at bay.

Duodenal switch

This is the most complicated surgery out of the four. This too removes almost all of the stomach and only leaves a gastric sleeve to allow bypassing of food to the small intestines. It will limit how much you eat and your body will not be able to absorb all the mineral, vitamins and other nutrients from the food that you eat.

Remember these types of weight solutions that are available and you can decide if your really need it.

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