Teeth are a treasure to us, people mostly undervalue it but it’s a very significant functioning part in our body. People ignore the importance of maintaining their teeth and suffer in many painful ways; it’s simply a nightmare to get a toothache, no matter how old you are. To prevent such a dilemma, Checkups with your town’s dentist at least once in two weeks is a must. Here are some additional benefits you can gain when you have monthly dental checkups.

Gum disease

When you eat fatty  food,  plaque and tartar build up around your tooth and this build up causes infection where the gum and the tooth connects, it will not only cause the tooth to decay but it will erode the tissues in your mouth’s gum.  Aftermath would be bleeding, swelling or soreness in the mouth. You can prevent all of this by visiting your dentist who will do deep cleaning or surgery if required. Don’t forget just like regular doctors, dentists in doncaster, they do give you medication courses to prevent such incidents.


No matter how much you brush and floss there are areas you cannot reach and will be missed even through your daily brushing ,it will give you no warning signs of any form what so ever until its really bad. Once the damage is done, it will be very hard for you but regular dental cleaning prevents cavities from forming before it becomes destructive.

Oral cancer detection

This is a very extreme disease that plants itself in many ways. It can be life threatening as well… but don’t worry; by diagnosing it at an early stage, it is easily treatable. Dentists are trained to recognize and treat them carefully because only your dentist will notice your oral abnormalities.

Bad habit checks

You already know what we are referring to, don’t you? There are ample of bad habits which have a destructive impact on your oral health. You’re not safe just because you’re not a chain smoker, but chewing ice, biting your nails, grinding your teeth, eating hard sweets or even brushing your teeth too hard are really bad for your teeth. You must be wondering now how damaged your teeth could be, well it’s not too late. Your dentist will inform and allow you to change your bad habits or alter your choices to prevent further damaging. Don’t worry; your dentist will cover up the damaged teeth in no time.


Getting your teeth and jaw bone x-rayed allows you to detect problems under the surface of your gum. Scans can easily diagnose issues that may be not visible to the eye, such as impacted teeth which will be excruciating if not detected early.  Bone decaying, cysts or even tumors could be detected by these x-rays so you are all covered. Moreover bi-annual checkups are the best way to keep your teeth protected.

Lymph node checks

Your dentist, In addition to checking your gums, tongue and teeth he will check your jaw and lymph node, this is located just below your jawline, for any swellings or lumps.  If same was detected your dentist will alert you beforehand and direct you to consult a recognized professional to treat it.

Convinced enough? Let’s make dental visits a regular must-do in our lives in order to safe guard our precious oral health.

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