There are many issues related to skin that leave scars. As individuals we would be most conscious of scars that are left on the face as they cause disfigurement and can be dampening to our levels of confidence as well. Skin inflammations due to black heads or pimples are some of the most common causes of scars that are left on the face. Some aggressive cases can cause long lasting scars after the pimples or the inflammation heals.

Modern medicine has come up with different ways to treat these issues related to scarring. One of the popular methods can be identified as radiation therapy which can remove scars and pigmentation issues by using a certain level of heat on hemoglobin under the skin. The heated blood vessels prevent oxygen from getting to the skin layers on the top making them dry and peel off. This causes new skin cells to grow and replace the scar tissue.

However this form of treatment is not for everyone, as research suggests that the method is less successful on darker skin and even on patients with sensitive skin. And another factor to consider is that it might not be a one stop job, as several treatment sessions will need to be undertaken followed up with skin care methods, so it is not a cheap option as well. Acne laser treatment uses a powerful light at different wavelengths to heat the blood vessels under the skin. There are different options the therapists will use depending on the treatment needed. For an example some settings can actually melt melanin in the skin reducing pigmentation while the other setting can heat hemoglobin. Some setting can also be used to remove permanent tattoos from the skin as well.

Getting to know skin inflammation

There are many people who suffer from aggressive forms of acne or pimples. Sometimes they can be due to hormonal changes but in some cases they can be caused by dead skin and bacteria. The skin is full of pores and they tend to collect dead cells, dirt and other minute particles causing them to become irritated and burst. And because this happens inside the skin all the bacteria and infected material get spread within the different layers of tissue causing a bigger inflamed region on the skin. The body’s natural response in this case is to repair the damage with collagen which can leave the skin feeling rough with bumps and depressions. These can be addressed with this treatment.

The laser treatment to be successful has to be followed up with several sessions of creams and solutions. This will prevent any further inflammation and disfigurements of the new skin layers that are forming.

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