Though there are countless treatment programs available for substance abuse, recovery still seems elusive to many who are addicted. Relapse commonly occurs even if people have undergone treatment. Simply going to just any treatment program may not help you. Your recovery will hinge on your commitment to become healthy and finding the right treatment program for you.

Not everyone is equally soothed by things like therapy or group counselling. But these are not the only options available to overcome drug or alcohol abuse. If you want to fully recover, then finding the best treatment program for you is crucial. Here are several tips that will help you find a treatment option that works for your unique situation:

Discuss Your Options with a Qualified Counsellor

Finding the best addiction treatment for your condition is not similar to shopping for new clothes. To find the most suited program, you will have to talk with a person qualified to treat addiction patients. You can talk to your psychiatrist, if you have one, or your GP.

If that’s not an option, call the Alcohol and Drug Information Service to understand what type of options would be available for you. ADIS is the definitive phone support service for substance abuse victims or those concerned about them. Call up 1 800 250 015 for information regarding alcoholism, treatment, and possible local services in your area you can benefit from.

Seek Personalised Treatment at a Rehab Centre

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres have a mixed reputation largely thanks to celebrities ending up in rehab and then relapsing. However, retreating to a centre wholly dedicated to detoxing you and weaning you off the addictive substance can be beneficial for some people. There are plenty of such centres across Australia. You can look up various local rehab Melbourne facilities that might benefit you.

Keep in mind that different centres have different operational practises, treatments, and philosophies. Read about the types of treatments the centres offer carefully before choosing a place. You may also want to consider other factors such as proximity, living facilities, and discretion when making your choice.

Sit Through a Group Therapy Session

The best way to find out if a treatment for addiction is for you is to experience it firsthand. Group therapy is often recommended for people recovering from or wants to recover from conditions like alcoholism. There’s safety in numbers. You can talk with likeminded people and seek support to prevent yourself from relapsing.

Group therapy, understandably, is not for everyone. If this is a concern, you can know for sure by sitting through one or two addiction recovery group therapy sessions offered in your area. Try two or three different groups, ideally, to make sure it’s the treatment and not the people in the group that’s putting you off.

Call a Helpline

Not sure what to do? You can call a helpline for advice you can’t get from anywhere else. Helplines offer counselling services and information regarding seeking treatment. You can vent about your issue to an anonymous stranger on the other end, if that’s what works for you.

Once you have admitted to yourself that you have an addiction problem, you have already completed the first step towards full recovery. Next step will be seeking a treatment option. When there are several to choose from, consider the above suggestions to hone in on the program that will suit your needs.

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