Obesity is another term for being overweight. Meaning that a person is obese if he or she has too much body fat that its starting to take a toll on their health. One way to know if you are obese is by getting your weight and body mass index. Your current weight should be  just right for your height and don’t be surprised if your doctor will recommend you to lose weight.

If you happen to be 30-100 pounds above your ideal weight you can still manage to get rid of the extra pounds by following a strict diet plan and exercise. But if you need to lose more than half of your body weight then have a conversation with your doctor to find out if you are qualified to undergo bariatric surgery singapore. But before going under the knife, you will be advised to lose weight for the first few months.

Here are some things that you should remember when dieting in preparation for the weight loss surgery:

  1. You need to change your eating habits meaning you would need to start making healthy and smart food choices and avoid fast foods in order to lose weight faster. If you don’t have any idea on what to eat then schedule an appointment with a nutritionist or dietician so he would be able to guide you and create a balanced and nutritious meal plan.
  • Learn how to cook and shop for your own food. We understand that fast foods are more convenient and tasty but it’s also bad for our health especially if we eat these kinds of deep fried and salty food on a daily basis. Too much oil increases our cholesterol levels while too much salt increases our blood pressure.

If you really want to lose more weight then you need to find time to go to the grocery and buy more fruits, vegetables and white meat such as chicken and fish because they are low in fat and easier to digest. Foods that are high in protein are also good for those who wants to lose weight because its makes you feel full longer.

  • Drink more water, at least 8-12 glasses  to curb your cravings and increase your metabolism. Stay away from soda and other drinks that are high in sugar. Take your coffee and tea sugarless or use stevia as an alternative. Lastly, discipline yourself by doing portion control in everything that you eat. You have to get used to eating less amount of food, because after the surgery your stomach size will be greatly reduced thus making you feel full even after eating a small amount of food only.

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