People tend to go to the gym to either tone up their body, build their inner core strength or burn fats. It is everybody’s dream to become slim, have a good shape with good set of muscles and abs. It is easy to say that you want to burn fat but it takes lots of patience and perseverance to achieve that desired body. Start with simple running to hitting the gym regularly and be motivated with some of the best fat burning classes in Singapore to get that toned body.

K Kardio dance

Get groovy and enjoy dance fitness class to the tune of K-pop songs and some moves inspired from MTV. The instructor is going to demonstrate every step and let everyone practiced it first before gradually introducing more steps. Every beat will surely keeps your body swaying and shaking. Every track has different choreography and at the end of every 60 minute class, you will feel like a professional dancer after.

Detox flow yoga

This one hour session will gives you a lot of bending, twisting and posture compressing that will help to reduce fluid retention and detoxify digestive organs. Each class has to be done in a heated room with temperature of 35 to 38 degree Celsius that will warm up all the muscles, increases heart rate, bring about sweat without the feeling of being dizzy. Make sure to have lots of water intake before and after the class as you will be sweating a lot with this workout.

Ballet, yoga and pilates combo

Try this new workout that use combination of different postures inspired from ballet dance, yoga and pilates movement. You can choose from different best barre classes Singaporeavailable across the city to do this workout focusing on strength training that will make you hold your body stock still while contracting some muscles. This routine will also make you use some light weights for fat burning.


This workout will let you do different movement inspired from animals such as bear crawls, donkey kicks and frog jumps. Every set of exercise are intense and can fire up every muscle.

Bungee workout

This workout will let you fly and take you to new height using a harness wrapped around your hips and hooked up in a cord from the ceiling. You will be doing random aerobic and dance moves depending on the beat of the song. The bungee can support your weight so you will feel lighter and you can easily jump, hop, dive and turn. Just remember to always stay balanced while doing every step.

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