Getting a tooth extracted is never an easy task. You have to go through a significant amount of pain and discomfort in order to get this done. But the procedure does not end with the extraction itself. You will have to do something about the missing tooth and take some steps to prevent further damage. The article below details the things that you can do after a tooth has been extracted.

Discuss your options

First and foremost you will have to go for an appointment with your dentist to discuss all your options. Be open and honest when engaging in this discussion because some of the options suggested may often be rather costly. But something generally will have to be done about the missing tooth because if you don’t your bite power may be adversely affected in that side of the mouth. You may also feel conscious about the missing tooth especially when you smile. In the long run, missing teeth can alter the shape of the face as well.


This is the least costly solution that you can go for. You can opt to get a removable partial denture to fill the gaps. These dentures can be removed at night and worn during the day time. One tooth or many teeth can be replaced with these dentures. You will feel uncomfortable until you get used to having them in your mouth.


If the teeth on both sides of the missing tooth are in perfect condition, you may be a good candidate for a bridge. A bridge will stay fixed in your mouth so you will rarely face the hassle that dentures give to the wearers. In order to get the bridge fixed, the dentist will file the two teeth that are on either sides of the gap. This is not a great option because you will essentially be filing two perfectly healthy teeth.


This is the most expensive but the most effective solution that you can go for. This is basically fixing a single, artificial tooth in the gap that is created. The result will be a more natural look because the artificial tooth is designed to look and feel like a normal tooth. Look for reputed dental implants Singapore has if you are living in that country and explore your options if you are serious about replacing the missing tooth.

Let things be

Yes, you can even opt to do absolutely nothing about the missing tooth and you may just be perfectly fine! Just speak to your dentist and get a second opinion too if you must. If the dentist says you will be alright, most likely you will be!


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