Some Aussies choose drugstores based on the most convenient locations. But if you have to routinely go to the pharmacy to full a regular prescription, you might want to choose a place with a friendly pharmacist. Pharmacists do more than collect your prescription from the shelves. Pharmacists are also legally bound to accurately answer questions you may have regarding your prescription. Ideally, they should inform you of side effects and how to take the medication.

If you are looking for a good pharmacist near where you live, here are several tips that may help your quest:

Check Qualifications

Pharmacists in Australia require a university degree in the field. Most have a post-graduate Master’s degree in pharmacy as well. After that, students must register with the Pharmacy Board of Australia and complete an internship to become a professional pharmacist. When choosing a pharmacist, make sure the person is registered. It’s highly unlikely that anyone pretends to be registered, but it’s better to always check.

Evaluate Your Personal Needs

Most patients require more than the medication supplies from the pharmacist. You may be in need of advice and perhaps even a drug plan. While doctors may prescribe the drugs, it’s usually the pharmacists that create drug plans for patients. If you have specific needs like this, write them down. Then find a pharmacy that can fulfil those requirements. Pharmacies across Australia offer varying services so you may not always get the services you need beyond having your prescription filled.

Does the Pharmacist Make Home Visits?

One of the biggest duties a pharmacist performs is work with patients and doctors to determine which drugs are the best for the patient. On occasion, liaising with patients would require visits to homes or nursing homes. Elderly or disabled patients, in particular, will benefit from home visits. However, not all pharmacists offer home visits. Therefore, you will have to inquire which do home visits before choosing a pharmacy. When you do so, don’t forget to ask if there are additional charges associated with home visits.

Double Check the Opening Hours

Pharmacies are typically open during business hours. But if your job or other commitments require you to visit the pharmacy during non-business hours, you will have to make sure the place you choose is open when you want. Some pharmacies are open 24/7. It’s best to always check hours of operation to check off any that closes at times inconvenient for you.

Good Communication is a Must

No matter how convenient the pharmacy is, your relationship with the pharmacist would depend heavily on ease of communication. Can you discuss your prescription with the pharmacist comfortably? Does he or she answer your questions clearly? Choose your pharmacist based on how well you two can communicate.

What about Emergency Care?

Emergencies are unexpected, but if one occurs, you might need your prescription drugs at hand. The best pharmacies therefore offer after-hours emergency services for clients. Even if the pharmacy is closed, the pharmacist may make a house call or open the drug store in case of an emergency need.

As long as the above suggestions checks out, the pharmacy would be a great choice for all your needs.

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