What is measured gets done. This is an old proverb and is true to the business world as well. As a business owner or a manager, it is your responsibility to define and measure your subordinates’ performance; this is for the good of the company as well as the individual worker’s improvement.

How to do this?

The decision to measure is there, however, now you must decide how to do it. Do you measure performance in financial results? Sales? How would you define what a skill is and how it has “improved”? or can you quantify behaviours and attitudes? Financial results are not difficult to measure, of course, via an audit. If you want to do it yourself you can easily take up an internal audit course Singapore. Or you can outsource it to a qualified organization who has experience with doing this sort of thing for a considerable time with similar organizations. When measuring the human resources however you will face more difficulties.

Measuring the workforce

Some seem to think educational qualifications is a way to do this. Others think years of experience in service counts. While both of these are important, neither can individually give a measure of success of a person. When an applicant is interviewed for a position you can of course look at all this and decide on hiring him or her. But once in the organization, how they work and what results they bring, are important. What values they bring? Do they inspire others? Or hinder other’s work? If they are in sales, you will have to be especially critical about things like undercutting fellow sales people.

Using competencies

A better and a wholesome way, if possible, is approaching this measuring via individual performances according to the goals of the business. For example, sales are important but as mentioned before if a certain person gets the sales done by not letting another one takes it, or “poaching” then it shouldn’t count. Because if this person also tried hard, he or she could have bagged another sales opportunity. Hard as it is to read people, a CEO or a sales director must have faced similar situations so when there are subordinates to be “audited” they know the drill.

By having a set of skills and values your organization follows, it will give a guideline to the employees and measuring their performance with accordance to that becomes easy. Employees also can’t protest because it is already communicated to them. It is also important that the top-level employees know and follow all this as well. The final result, hopefully, will be a profitable organization.

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