Table manners or table etiquettes can tell a lot about a person. These manners are so powerful that it doesn’t matter what sort of an image you have been building up until that moment, what you do in the dining table will decide your ultimate image. That’s why you need to be well educated on how to behave in dining tables because it only takes one simple moment to make or lose your good image.

Here are 5 table etiquettes that you must know.

  1. Do not finish first

It doesn’t matter how much you are starving, finishing first is not the best thing to do. Typically, it will be the host who will be finishing first. If you do not want to sit and wait awkwardly there until people are done, you should probably keep on to a reasonable and make sure that you don’t finish first, or fast. Both situations are equally uncomfortable.

  1. Try to be least noisy

Have you ever ate with someone who keeps making noises with the spoons, knives and forks? It doesn’t display an image isn’t it? It is quite true. This is way you need to ensure that you know everything about how to hold the spoons and forks and how you will use them on the plates. Because the more the noisy you are, the less classy you will be.

  1. Avoid reaching over

This is yet another horrendous mistake that shows that one isn’t used to the etiquettes of higher-class standards. If you want something that is unreachable, let someone know, signal them, do not shout and it will come by hand to hand and that way it will be okay. After all, imagine dipping your coat in a chicken soup, how can you undo it?

  1. Remember what goes where

You need to remember the standard placement of knives, spoons and also the bread. The moment someone notices that you’re using dessert spoon to have a main course, they just might find it amusing. You don’t have to be that person because you’re a great human being. But it is vital that you remember what goes where in a dining table.

  1. Keep your elbow off the table

This is a mistake that happens naturally. When you’re used to keep the elbow on the tables when you’re at a pizza place with your friends, this bad habit will come along with you to the dining table. You need to pay attention to where your hands go. It doesn’t matter who keeps elbows on the table, remember not to do it.

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