The human musculoskeletal system is ironically quite strong when it is and gets to its absolute weakness when it goes down. For an example, RA is such a disease that would weaken your body from the most important components of the body.

But it isn’t like you can prevent conditions like these no matter what. Sometimes when people age and the immunity system is weak by design, you tend to end up with these sorts of rheumatic conditions. But since there are even non-surgical solutions, you don’t have to worry about it. However, a lot of people leave these conditions untreated and it paves the way to scary and painful conditions.

In this read, we will be skimming over 4 major consequences of untreated RA.

  • Increment of the pain

Arthritis can be quite painful, especially the rheumatic kind. The worse thing about this is that you never know when you are to have a pain spike. Hence, you should remember that although the rate would be slow and gradual, you will always end up with an unbearable pain if you let it grow and no one deserved what’s in the end of the road.

  • Excessive joint distortion and destruction

The distinguished signature symptom of rheumatism singapore is how it attacks your joints; let it be your hands or your legs, you would feel the pain and it would look quite obvious when the joints are starting to swell. But have you ever wondered how would things end if you did not do anything about it? Well, they break and shatter; in addition to that, you would end up with deformations that are very hard to recover from as well.

  • Risks of ending up with osteoporosis

The loss of tissues and lack of vitamin D can be identified as two of the common reason why you would end up with a condition like osteoporosis. But if you didn’t know, several studies have shown that the RA curve have a higher tendency to end up with osteoporosis. Given how weakening your skeletal system would be after suffering from RA, it will not be a magic if the conditions got quite worse to a point where your bones end up brittle.

  • Death arrives earlier

Mortality is severely affected by a condition like this and that’s why you should get the fixing done on time. But stating the factual data; the mortality is found to be as twice as the ones of the same age who doesn’t have the condition and that’s just not good chances.

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